November 14, 2006


CALL TO ORDER: Mayor Michael Echanove called the Regular Council Meeting to order at 7:01PM

ROLL CALL: Council members present were: Darcie Bagott; Mark Bailey; Mike Milano; Norm Schorzman; Jeff Snook; and Rick Wekenman. Absent- Andy O’Neill.  Also present were: Joyce Beeson, Clerk-Treasurer; Byron Hodges, Public Works Superintendent; Bev Pearce, Deputy Clerk; Ann Thompson, Clerical Assistant; Cindi Lepper, Whitman County Recycling Coordinator; Eli Elder; Caitlyn McGhee.

OPEN PUBLIC HEARING: The Mayor opened the Public Hearing at 7:01PM.

CLOSE PUBLIC HEARING: The Mayor closed the Public Hearing at 7:02PM and OPENED REGULAR MEETING


November 14, 2006

APPROVAL OF MINUTES:   Norm Schorzman MOVED to approve the minutes of the Regular Council Meeting of October 24, 2006.  Jeff Snook seconded the motion and the motion carried unanimously.

  OPEN FORUM : Cindi Lepper-Whitman County Recycling, presented to council an explanation of a grant that she submitted on behalf of the City of Palouse .  The grant is from Ecology in the amount of $10,000, with $2,500 matching.  This is supplemental funding that was made available to the state.  The funds, available Jan. 1, 2007, can be used to create a compost facility in Palouse.  Cindi will administer the grant and the city can use it however they choose as long as the proposed goal is met.  The city has one year to spend the grant.  She encouraged the city to continue to apply for the recycling grant.  She complimented the council on their approach to a healthier community, beginning with encouraging citizens not to burn this fall.  The Mayor asked Cindi about the market for recyclables.  She said that cardboard and aluminum have the highest value right now.  Cities who have their own garbage pickup benefit from marketing their own recyclables.

Eli Elder-Eagle Scout Project-Eli presented to council his completed report on his Eagle Scout Project, painting all the fire hydrants and adjacent curbs in town, except the ones on Main Street .  He reported that 102 hours and 16 people aided him in his project.  The council complimented Eli on his work.  Council Member Schorzman MOVED to accept Eli Elder’s completed Eagle Scout Project and moved that the Mayor or Public Works Superintendent Byron Hodges sign off on Eli’s project.  Council Member Bailey seconded the motion.  The motion carried unanimously.

PUBLIC WORKS REPORT : Byron Hodges submitted a written report.  Byron added that the city crew is cleaning up after the wind storm.  The park and cemetery lost trees and there were numerous trees and branches around town that needed attention.  The park tree may not be removed until the ground freezes.  Marc has been busy with the leaf removal project.  This program seems to be a success.  Don is now insulating the meter boxes.  The De-watering equipment will be delivered this week and set up by the city crew.  Aero-Mod will be here at the end of November for the final installation.  The crew is working on winterizing and more tube sand will be ordered.  The council discussed the notification of the business owners to remind them to use sand rather than de-ice products which can damage the sidewalks.  Council Member Schorzman commended the city crew for their hard work in cleaning up after the storm.

POLICE DEPARTMENT REPORT: Chief Neumann reported that Haunted Palouse went well; there was one minor traffic incident and one drinking offense.  He reported that the police station is looking very good.  Council Member Snook tiled the bathroom, leaving the project nearly complete.  He hopes to move in next week.  Chief Neumann presented to council a copy of what the compression brake signs will look like.  He has contacted the state and received information on what, how and where to place the signs.  This will be done by the city crew.  The chief took pictures from around town after the wind storm.  Mayor Echanove thanked Bryon, the city crew and the Chief on a job well done after the storm.


Continued discussion of 2007 budget-The Mayor and council thanked the citizens of Palouse for passing the much needed levies.  He reported that the 2007 budget looks good with conservative estimates for expenditures and revenues.


A.         ORDINANCE No. 826 – Increasing monthly sewer rate by two dollars and allocating increase to the “Sewer Reserve Fund” for loan payments of the de-watering equipment at sewer plant

The Mayor read Ordinance No. 826 in its entirety, then a second reading by Title and Ordinance No. and third by title only.  Council Member Milano MOVED to approve Ordinance No. 826.  Council Member Bagott seconded the motion.  The motion carried unanimously.

B.         ORDINANCE No. 827 – Reducing restrictions on materials which signs can be made of. 

The Mayor read the ordinance in its entirety, then a second reading by Title and Ordinance No. and a third by title only.

Council Member Bailey reported that this ordinance was originally written in 1919 and prohibited the use of wood for signs on the downtown buildings.  Council Member Milano representing the chamber asked the council to review the ordinance.  A conversation with Chief Bagott confirmed that allowing wood signs would be fine.  The only change to the ordinance is the material restrictions.  Council Member Snook MOVED to accept Ordinance No. 827.  Council Member Bagott seconded the motion.  The motion carried with Council Member Milano abstaining.


PARKS, CEMETERY & BUILDINGS : Mike Milano reported that he has continued his research for the RV Park.  He had conversations with the Potlatch committee and they are moving towards more long term parking at their facility.  He will continue visiting with them and how they came to that change.  The Mayor mentioned that the barricades need to be addressed as they have suffered some damage from Palouse Days and Haunted Palouse. 

PERSONNEL & POOL : Jeff Snook reported that the committee reviewed applicants for the clerical assistant position and hired Ann Thompson.  The council welcomed Ann to City Hall.

FINANCE, PROPERTY & EQUIPMENT : Norm Schorzman reported that the committee needs to meet one more time before the final Public Hearing for the 2007 Budget.

POLICE, FIRE & SAFETY : Rick Wekenman – Ambulance Contract with the City of Pullman
Council Member Snook MOVED to authorize the Mayor to sign the contract pending JFB review and approval.  Council Member Schorzman seconded the motion.  The motion carried unanimously.

POLICY & ADMINISTRATION : Mark Bailey reported that the planning commission met with Jim Roberts, former commission officer.  They approved the by-laws and will review the current comprehensive plan for areas that need to be updated.  They will work on getting a community survey out in March.  They will meet on the first Tuesday of every month at 6:00 PM.  The Mayor stated that there is still one opening on the board. 

Council Member Bailey said that now that the city has funds to begin the compost facility a site needs to be selected.

STREETS AND SIDEWALKS:  Darcie Bagott reported that she will be checking the TIB website on Friday at Noon to see if the city has been awarded the grant for Whitman Street .

WATER & SEWER : Andy O’Neill-Absent

MAYOR’S REPORT : The Mayor and Council Member Schorzman attended the IACC conference in Wenatchee last week.  This meeting is a great source for talking to funding partners from around the state.  Water and Sewer issues were the biggest topic.  The Mayor is still waiting for the Brownfields report from the EPA.  On December 6, the City of Pullman will be holding their annual Town Hall Meeting and all city council members are invited.

ALLOW PAYMENT OF BILLS: Norm Schorzman   MOVED that the bills against the city be allowed. 

Rick Wekenman seconded the motion and the motion carried unanimously.

The Mayor called for a 10-minute executive session for a real estate issue at 8:24 PM. Council Member Bailey MOVED to go into executive session.  Council Member Snook seconded the motion.  The motion carried.  The executive session adjourned at 8:42 and council returned to regular session. 

ADJOURN:   Jeff Snook MOVED to adjourn.  Norm Schorzman seconded the motion and the motion carried unanimously.  The council meeting adjourned at 8:43PM.

The following vouchers/warrants are approved for payment:

Claims Paid                   Warrants:  # 12013          through # 12049           Payments:  $21,840.81

Payroll Paid                   Warrants:  # 6345           through # 6367 Payments:  $26,741.95

APPROVED:________________________________   ATTEST:________________________________