June 9, 2015

Palouse City Council
Public Hearing to discuss 2016-2021 Six Year Street Plan
Followed by Regular Council Meeting
June 9, 2015

CALL TO ORDER: Mayor Echanove called the Council Meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

ROLL CALL: Council members present: Doreen Hanson; Bo Ossinger; Mike Hicks; Senja Estes; Bev Pearce; Christopher Langsett. Councilmember Hicks MOVED to excuse Councilmember Wekenman’s absence. Councilmember Estes seconded. Motion carried unanimously. Staff present: Public Works Superintendent Dwayne Griffin; Police Chief Jerry Neumann; Clerk-Treasurer Mike Bagott; & Deputy Clerk Ann Thompson.

PUBLIC HEARING 2016-2021 Six Year Street Plan: Mayor Echanove opened the public hearing at 7:02.
Supt. Griffin reviewed aloud the plan: 1. West Whitman Reconstruction from Bridge Street to Mill Street; 2. Spokane Avenue from West Main Street to Almota Rd (SR 27) drainage issues and chip seal; 3. West Whitman & Fir St. Reconstruction from Mill St. to Illinois St.; 4. Culton St. Reconstruction from Park St. then 150’ south to county line; 5. Park Street chip Seal from Culton St. to Wall St.; Cannon St. Reconstruction from Division St. to Mary St.

Supt. Griffin might add Ellis Street to the six year street plan next year. It’s getting in bad shape, particularly now that the care center has moved there and traffic has increased. It’s a narrow road and needs some ditching so the phone line would have to first be moved. We’d have to use all of the city’s right of way which would probably narrow people’s yards. Chip sealing it may be the best way to go.

No public comment. Mayor closed the public hearing at 7:18 pm.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Councilmember Pearce MOVED to adopt the minutes of the Regular Council Meeting of May 26, 2015. Councilmember Hanson seconded the motion and the motion carried unanimously.

PUBLIC WORKS REPORT: Supt. Griffin submitted a written report.
The new development off Cove Road will probably be ready to chlorinate and pressure test the water line this week. If the water samples pass they’ll be ready to hook up to the water main. The developers should be ready to start putting in roads in a week or so. Supt. Griffin said they’ve been great to work with.

No problems with the car show.
Had a 9-1-1 call last week in Palouse for an assault by a juvenile on an elderly relative. The juvenile was arrested and will probably be gone from Palouse for over a year.
Chief is gathering information about the purchase of a surveillance system for various locations throughout town. The pros and cons need to be weighed.
The Palouse Duathlon is this Saturday.

Our first half property taxes came in and our revenues are tracking where CT Bagott expected. Building permit revenues are up as are RV Park revenues. The only loss in revenues is telephone B&O due to the loss of land lines. CT Bagott feels good about the budget at this point.

CT Bagott continues to work with Apollo Systems on evaluating the City’s energy use efficiency.

The Lions Club lease agreement automatically renews every July 1 unless council wants to terminate. Councilmember Pearce MOVED to extend the agreement. Councilmember Estes seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Supt. Griffin and CT Bagott attended a TIB workshop June 3 in Oakesdale. The City currently has a grant from TIB that is paying for chip sealing Fairview from the state highway to the city limit. Dwayne Spoke to Gloria Bennett from TIB to see if it would be possible to use funds from the grant to chip seal the City-owned portion of Fairview that is outside of the City limits as well. Dwayne and Mike will work with Gloria on this.

Ordinance No. 934 – amending omission in 6.12.020 (B): Mayor read aloud the ordinance in its entirety. This amends PMC 6.12.020 (B) to include goats being allowed in the school pasture. Councilmember Pearce MOVED, and Councilmember Langsett seconded, to adopt Ordinance No. 934 as written. Motion carried unanimously.

Resolution No. 2015-06 – adopting 2015 six year street plan: Councilmember Hicks MOVED, seconded by Councilmember Pearce to adopt Resolution No. 2015-06. Motion carried unanimously.

Aaron Flansburg representing the Palouse Skate Park: there are five miniature plum trees located in the right of way that will need to be removed prior to construction. They came in on the Whitman Street Project. What would the city like done with them? He would like to find a way to save those trees. Supt. Griffin will check with Marc Arrasmith to see if he can use any elsewhere in town. City staff will double-check with our attorney to see if it’s okay to have Aaron move them to another site for replanting. If Atty. Bishop approves, everyone on council agreed of Aaron finding a home for them either elsewhere on site or somewhere else all together.

Received from the WA St. Liquor Control Board a liquor license renewal for beer and wine sales at McLeod’s Market. No objections.

ALLOW PAYMENT OF BILLS: Councilmember Pearce MOVED that the bills against the city be allowed. Councilmember Estes seconded the motion and the motion carried unanimously.

ADJOURN: Councilmember Hicks MOVED to adjourn. Councilmember Pearce seconded the motion and the motion carried unanimously. The council meeting adjourned at 7:58 PM.

The following checks are approved for payment:
Claims Paid 6/10/15 Ck. #6598, 6599, 6621-6639 & EFT $11,142.42

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