February 13, 2007

February 13, 2007       

CALL TO ORDER: Mayor-pro tem Rick Wekenman called the Council Meeting to order at 7:00PM

ROLL CALL: Council members present were: Darcie Bagott; Mark Bailey; Mike Milano; Andy O’Neill; Norm Schorzman. Absent- Mayor Echanove and Council Member Jeff Snook. Also present were: Joyce Beeson, Clerk-Treasurer; Byron Hodges, Public Works Superintendent; Jerry Neumann Police Chief; Bev Pearce, Deputy City Clerk; Don Myott, Public Works; Stephen Bishop, City Attorney; Barb Hodson; Caitlyn McGehee; Eunice Stime.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES:   Mark Bailey MOVED to approve the minutes of the Regular Council Meeting of January 23, 2007.  Norm Schorzman seconded the motion and the motion carried unanimously.


  1. Tree Planting around the WWTP area – Don Myott reported that Drew Holly from the Palouse Conservation District walked the proposed site for continuation of tree planting with Don.  The plan is to add 150 more trees on Saturday April 14.  Last year volunteer support was provided, with Marie Dymkoski organizing them.  The pine trees planted last year did not fair so well, but this was evident district-wide.  Most of the other trees survived well.
  2. Barb Hodson, resident on Bridge Street , is replacing her mobile home and stated that there are 15 mailboxes that sit on the corner of her property and city right-of-way.  She needs to have the mailboxes moved in order to take out and put in her mobile home.  She has talked to the Postmaster and was told that the boxes belong to the mail address owners.  The Post Office has no authority to move the boxes.  City Public Works has told her that the city has no authority to move the boxes either.  Council Member O’Neill said that he also talked to the Postmaster and did not receive a clear answer.  He suggested that she send a postmarked letter to each box owner and tell them that they need to move their boxes, explaining that it is neither a city issue nor a Post Office issue.  Byron Hodges said that it is not the city’s responsibility.  Barb said that her husband Joe has already told a couple of the elderly box owners that he will move their boxes.  She asked Stephen Bishop if it was the city’s responsibility.  He said that it is not as long as the boxes do not impede the city right-of-way.  Barb also addressed a seasonal flooding issue on her property.  She stated that when the plowed snow starts to melt it drains into her yard.  She has had a contractor look at the situation and her options are very expensive.  She asked if the city is willing to help with the costs.  Byron said that the best solution is to put in a curb and or sidewalk, but the city does not pay for such repairs to personal properties.  Joyce said that property owners need to get a no-fee permit when putting in new sidewalks and curbs.  Council Member O’Neill said that this should be passed on to the streets and sidewalk committee.  Barb also said that the stop sign will need to be removed for about 4 hours when they take out her old mobile home.  Chief Neumann said that a temporary stop sign can be put in place.

PUBLIC WORKS REPORT : Byron Hodges submitted a written report and added that bid requests were sent out for a new lawn mower.  As reported at last council meeting, Public Works decided to purchase a new 2005 lawn mower which would enable the crew to continue using existing attachments.  Columbia Tractor was the only bid turned in at a price of $8199.00, 10 % discount -$819.00, trade in-$5381.00, net price $1999.00, tax $155.92, total $2154.92.  Council Member Schorzman MOVED to accept the Columbia Tractor Bid.  Council Member Bagott seconded the motion.  The motion carried unanimously.  Byron also submitted the bids for the ATV.  He has been using his personal ATV for city use, but when he retires, it will no longer be available.  He provided six bids: Palouse Country Sports-1. Rhino 450 – $7379, 2. Rhino 660 – $9380; Dale’s Boat – Arctic Cat Prowler – $8550; Columbia Tractor – 1. New HBX 4×4 – $8776, 2. 2006 Used HBX 4×4 – $7800; Blue Mountain – Polaris Ranger 4×4 Ranger – $8550.  All with a 10% discount.  Byron recommended the used 2006 ATV because it has less then 100 hours of use and was previously owned by WSU for bringing water out to the football field.  Council Member Schorzman MOVED to accept the 2006 used Columbia Tractor bid.  Council Member Milano seconded the motion.  The motion carried unanimously.

POLICE DEPARTMENT REPORT: Chief Neumann reported that a vehicle was impounded.  There is an ongoing investigation at the high school involving theft of money and problems in the locker rooms.  Barking and at-large dogs continue to be a problem.  He reminds pet owners to be responsible for their animals.  If the dog barks take measures to contain the animal indoors or purchase no-barking collars.  He also reminded council that if a vehicle is parked on a city street or right-of-way it must have a current license and be in working condition.  Council Member Schorzman asked about some vehicles parked that have Idaho license plates.  The chief said that if the owner is residing in the State of Washington and has a vehicle; it must be licensed in Washington .  There is an exception for college students who are from another state and go to one of the local colleges.


PARKS, CEMETERY & BUILDINGS : Mike Milano reported that he has been talking to Commissioner Greg Partch about .08 funding for the RV Park.  The city will submit an application for funds this year.  He reported talking to the planning commission and other groups about the park and is waiting for feedback.

PERSONNEL & POOL : Jeff Snook –no report

FINANCE, PROPERTY & EQUIPMENT : Norm Schorzman – no report

POLICE, FIRE & SAFETY : Rick Wekenman – no report

POLICY & ADMINISTRATION : Mark Bailey reported that the Department of Ecology visited Palouse and reviewed the possible location for the compost site.  It was agreed to develop a site on the West side of the waste water treatment plant. The groups also discussed the possibility of mixing the bio-solids with the leaves and making the mixture available to local farmers.  This mixture would not be available to homeowners.  Some of the grant funds will go toward the purchase of cameras on-site.  The Public Works Department is agreeable to the location and the possibility of recycling the bio-solid materials.

Council Member Bailey also stated that he has been talking the Fire Chief Bagott and will be addressing open burning issues.  Fire Chief Bagott agrees to recreational burns, but is concerned about citizens burning structures and waste without permits.

STREETS AND SIDEWALKS: Darcie Bagott reported that she talked to the group that handles local disability issues over in Moscow and was told that if we have marked handicapped spots, signs must be posted.  The city is not required to add anymore on-street handicap parking.  Advertising for engineer consulting for the Whitman Street project was posted and will close on Friday, February 16 at 5 PM.

WATER & SEWER : Andy O’Neill reported that the delinquent water and sewer bills have dramatically reduced since the city staff started enforcing the city code strictly.  He also asked that the engineers that bid for Whitman Street also be included for the Breeding’s Addition sewer extension project.

MAYOR’S REPORT : Council Member Milano reminded council that the WSU/UofI intercollegiate bike race will be held in Palouse on Saturday, April 28.  Volunteers will be needed for the race.

ALLOW PAYMENT OF BILLS: Darcie Bagott MOVED that the bills against the city be allowed.

Andy O’Neill seconded the motion and the motion carried unanimously.

ADJOURN: Darcie MOVED to adjourn. Mike Bailey seconded the motion and the motion carried unanimously. The council meeting adjourned at 8:10 PM

The following vouchers/warrants are approved for payment:

Claims Paid                   Warrants:  # 12193       through #  12238           Payment:  $27,263.59

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